A single bed or hospital bed might be a bed specially designed for hospitalized patients or others needing a type of medical care. These beds have extraordinary features both for the comfort and prosperity of the patient and for the convenience of medical services workers. Common features include customizable height for the entire bed, the head, and subsequently the feet, movable side rails, and electronic buttons to work both the bed and other close by electronic devices.

Hospital beds and other comparative kinds of beds like medical care beds are utilized in hospitals, however in other medical care facilities and settings, such as nursing homes, helped living facilities, outpatient clinics, and in home medical care




Wheels enable simple movement of the bed, either inside parts of the power during which they're found, or inside the space. Here and there movement of the bed two or three crawls to a few feet could likewise be important in understanding consideration. Wheels are lockable. For safety, wheels are frequently locked while moving the patient in or out of the bed.


Beds are frequently raised and brought down at the top, feet, and their entire height. While on older beds this is regularly through with wrenches normally found at the foot of the bed, on modern day beds this feature is electronic.

Today, while an absolutely electric bed has numerous highlights that are electronic, a semi-electric bed has two engines, one to support the top, and thus the other to help the foot.

Raising the top (known as a Fowler's position) can give a few advantages to the patient, the staff, or both. The Fowler's position is utilized for sitting the patient upstanding for taking care of or certain different exercises or in certain patients, can ease breathing, or could likewise be gainful to the patient for different reasons.

Raising the feet can help ease movement of the patient toward the headboard and ought to try and be fundamental definitely condition.

Raising and bringing down the peak of the bed can help carry the bed to a comfortable level for the patient to encourage all through bed, or for guardians to figure with the patient.


Side rails

Beds have side rails which will be raised or brought down. These rails, which work protection for the patient and once in a while can cause the patient to feel more secure, additionally can include the buttons utilized for their activity by staff and patients to move the bed, call the attendant, or perhaps control the TV.

There are such side rails to fill various needs. While some are essentially to stop patient falls, others have equipment which will help the patient themselves without genuinely keeping the patient to bed.


Some serious beds are equipped with columns which help tilt the bed to 15-30 degrees on all sides. Such tilting can help forestall pressure ulcers for the patient, and help guardians to attempt to their everyday tasks with to a lesser degree a danger of back wounds.

Bed exit alert

Numerous modern hospital beds are prepared to include a bed exit alert whereby a weight cushion on or in the bedding arms an audible alert when a weight like a patient is put consequently, and actuating the total alert once this weight is eliminated. This is regularly useful to medical clinic staff or caregivers monitoring or checking quite a few patients from a good ways, (for example, an attendant's station) on the grounds that the alert will trigger inside the occasion of a patient (particularly the older or memory disabled) break of the bed or straying solo. This alert are frequently transmitted exclusively from the bed itself or associated with the attendant call bell/light or emergency clinic telephone/paging system. Additionally a few beds can highlight a multi-zone bed leave caution which may alarm the staff when the patient beginning occupation the bed and before the specific leave which is significant for a couple of cases.


CPR work

Inside the occasion of the bed occupant suddenly requiring CPR , some medical clinic beds offer a CPR work inside such an a button or switch which when enacted smoothes the bed stage and put it in least stature and empties and straightens the bed's sleeping cushion (whenever introduced) making a level clear important for CPR administration.

Specialist beds

Numerous specialist hospital beds likewise are delivered to successfully treat various wounds. These incorporate standing beds, turning beds and heritage beds. These are generally wont to treat back and spinal wounds additionally as extreme injury.